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MASCOTTE noun is a late borrowing from the provençal mascoto “enchantment, spell, addicted to gambling by bewitchment” (before 1850), derived from masco “witch, sorceress”, from the old provençal masca (1396), of pre-Roman origin (mask).

La Mascotte : comic opera by Edmond Audran

La Mascotte : comic opera by Edmond Audran

The word was spread in French by Audran’s operetta La Mascotte (1880), and refers to a person, an object, an animal that is considered to bring good fortune… (Historical Dictionary of the French language).

Decorated with mirrors and marquetry executed in an art-deco style, it is the antithesis of the places that you find in the “fooding” section of touristic guidebooks. Here we offer terroir products coming directly from their place of origin, and it has been the case for over a century.

Our pork and charcuterie are from Cantal’s selected range pigs, our beef is from Aubrac, fish and seafood arrive directly from the coasts of Bretagne and/or from the Atlantic’s best seafood producers, and icecreams are sourced at Berthillon…

Everything else is of course up to par. If you ever want to come and explain us how all these products could be sourced cheaper in China, do not hesitate : we also love to have a laugh!