The bar

It is a “neighborhood” bar, with a mixed and colorful clientele. Here you will find the atmosphere of a legendary Montmartre, without any nostalgia, for the past is still alive and kicking in this place. Another term that could describe the spirit is : “bon vivant”.

Best place to have a drink award 1999

“Best place to have a drink” award in 1999

Thierry Campion, the place’s owner, is a master in the art of finding high quality wines from producers not widely circulated yet.

The wide range of wines of La Mascotte (pdf, 570 Ko) is proof : it is not by mistake that he was awarded the “Coupe du meilleur pot” (best place to have a drink at) in 1999.

On sundays, from noon to 3pm, the atmosphere gets somewhat musette. It should not come as a surprise to find the patrons singing.