History of the brasserie and bar La Mascotte

La Mascotte in 1935

La Mascotte in 1935

“La Mascotte”‘s creation seems to go back to 1889 when it’s wide countertop occupied the entire ground floor of a two-storey hotel, “The POMPEA.”

Its owner, the Père Teissier, had it raised by three floors, and named it the “Antinéa Hotel”, establishing his two sons there.

La Mascotte's crew in 2000

La Mascotte’s crew in 2000

As suggested by its name, “Le Pompéa” was somewhat a “rendez-vous” hotel. It has hosted many figures of the time, such as Edith Piaf and her pianist in the 30’s, while Laurent and Méria were busy managing the café and its four billiard tables.

Mr. Laurent, who came from Fleurie, served the “vin nouveau” to its clientele composed of shopkeepers and local artists : Toppa, Lecomte, Gen Paul…
Then the Conte family succeeded him until september of 1965, when Maurice and Irène Campion settled there.

La Mascotte's crew in 2006

La Mascotte’s crew in 2006

Today it is their son, Thierry, who perpetuates the Montmartro-Aveyronnaise tradition.